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Quiet My Fears

Today’s Reflection

When World Events Seem Crazy

God, the world seems crazy right now.
It’s frightening how many things are going wrong:
wars, natural disasters, economic crises.
We see suffering all around.
I worry for my friends and family,
for our safety, for job security.
I worry about our earth, what is going to happen next.
Help me remember that you are present in every
circumstance, with every being in distress.
Quiet my fears and enable me to take action
to be your hands and heart in this hurting world. Amen.

– Mary Lou Redding
Prayers for Life’s Ordinary and Extraordinary Moments

From page 61 of Prayers for Life’s Ordinary and Extraordinary Moments, compiled and edited by Mary Lou Redding. Copyright © 2012 by Upper Room Books. All rights reserved. Used by permission. http://bookstore.upperroom.org/ Learn more about or purchase this book.

Today’s Question

Pray today’s prayer. Share your thoughts.

Today’s Scripture

Praise the LORD! Sing to the LORD a new song, his praise in the assembly of the faithful.

Psalm 149:1, NRSV

This Week: pray for those affected by natural disasters. Submit your prayer to The Upper Room Living Prayer Center or share it in the comment section.

Did You Know?

In need of prayer? The Upper Room Living Prayer Center is a 7-day-a-week intercessory prayer ministry staffed by trained volunteers. Call 1-800-251-2468 or visit The Living Prayer Center website.

This week we remember: Mother Teresa of Calcutta (August 13).

Lectionary Readings

(Courtesy of Vanderbilt Divinity Library)

Sponsored by Upper Room Ministries ®. Copyright © 2017 | PO Box 340004 | Nashville, TN 37203-0004 | USA


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  • Jill September 5, 2017, 3:41 am

    The words of this prayer are so appropriate for our current days. Father – I lift up relief workers – thank You for their availability, strengthen them for their worthy efforts. Father, be with this broken world. Might we who have a sure faith be willing to stand up for the oppressed. Help us to love our neighbors and our enemies. Might love win. A heavy prayer to start this work week.
    Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on our nation.

  • facebook.com September 5, 2017, 5:41 am

    One thing special when Underground went away in 2014.

  • Francesca September 5, 2017, 5:56 am

    “Quiet my fears and enable me to take action to be your hands and heart in this hurting world. ” That especially touched me. How can I take action if I’m fearful? Lord, I pray that you will take fear of people, circumstances, our own perceived inadequacies out of the equation, and help us to share the love and compassion you have showered on us.
    I thank everyone for your prayers for Angel. He was back in school last week!

  • robert moeller September 5, 2017, 6:43 am

    This is a very accurate description of the world at the moment. Lord, more than ever we need You and with You we are enabled to help bring about your
    kingdom. Prayers for those affected by Harvey, concern for those in the path of Irma. Thankful for Angel’s return to school and a wonderful day yesterday.
    Had a long walk, trees are starting to turn. Will be able to pick the garden today. Have plans for an outing with Erich, a trip to the post office.
    Prayers for the unusual posts that have come for the last two or three days.

    Prayers for the UR family, their concerns, joys, and needs. Thank You, Lord.

  • Mary Ng Shwu Ling September 5, 2017, 6:44 am

    Thank you Father God that you are present in every circumstance and with every being in distress.

  • Betsy September 5, 2017, 6:52 am

    Help us to reach out in a hurting world, Lord, and make a difference. Continued prayers for those in Texas affected by flood waters. Blessings for the many volunteers who are helming to ease their suffering. Amen

  • Julie September 5, 2017, 7:55 am

    What amazes me is that history repeats itself over and over. I read passage similar to this that was written centuries ago. The human race is forever experiencing the same catastrophies both natural and made.
    Because of this I pray that those of us here earn from the Bible as well as the wisdom of one another and move forward in our own lives and are the catalysts of change and forward motion in our area of the word.
    Francesca, you are so insightful. I wish to do what I listed, however, my internal fears and inadequacies paralyze me.
    Prayers for those in Texas and those who come here for a drink of water and a cup of comfort.

  • marcy September 5, 2017, 2:07 pm

    I have been reading this message board since the beginning of the year, along, of course with the reflections. Julie, I especially feel connection with you as I also am fearful and don’t get out much. I pray for all of you and keep my hope alive that God will heal my mind so I can be useful to Him and others. I used to be a caregiver until physical issues stopped me from what I felt was my God-given gift. First time posting, hope it goes through, as I’ve tried before. God’s love to you all!

    • Julie September 5, 2017, 2:39 pm

      Welcome! It never ceases to amaze me how God brings together those that need one another. Before I found this warm and accepting group I never thought anyone else could understand my situation. I am so happy you are joining our little group of supportive and loving believers. Again warm welcome.

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